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Home Reviews News Forums. If a user so desires, they can set the soundcard to encode PC audio in either DD 5. When the original CMI cards were released, quite a few were based on a reference design. By ComputerPowerUser on June 12, 80 We know of at least one other sound card on the verge of release with a protected audio path and software enabling playback: Asus has put considerable effort into the analogue side of the card, especially the Deluxe version which features a daughterboard that enables full 8-channel audio with high quality RCA-style connectors the basic version only supports analogue in stereo. Asus also lists comprehensive audio specifications including signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion THD , and frequency response. More on that later.

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The reason udav this rigmarole seems to be related to the movie industry’s need for control. The followup upped the ante by being able to asus xonar hdav only do DD 5. While many solutions downsampled high definition content to DD 5.

Xonar HDAV Deluxe | ASUS Global

Latest News Latest Videos. HDMI carries both video and sound, which means, somehow, the two have to be connected.

Home Reviews News Forums. Asus xonar hdav added a lot of bells and whistles to what the original design can do. If this seems to limit the usefulness of the card, too bad.


Bone conduction headphones, just asus xonar hdav time for Halloween. January 9, Of course, I also liked the whole black and gold color scheme, it just adds a Asus is one of the few companies still out there pushing soundcard technology to its limit, and this is certainly exemplified by their current top Home Theater PC offering. This not only encompassed the encoding features of the previous chips, asus xonar hdav also improved upon the overall audio feature set by including full 24 bit performance at KHz.

The movie industry is dumb. February 10, by Devon Cooke. Colocation Server Hosting by Binary Environments. The first is the lower budget HDAV 1.

Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe Review: The Penultimate HTPC Soundcard?

SPCR is optimized for viewing at x screen size. Currently there are a handful of soundcards that asus xonar hdav bitstream HD audio, and Asus provides two of them. The box front is littered with the logos of all the supported audio formats.

Editors Didn’t Like Low profile bracket difficult to install Mixed use asus xonar hdav electrolytic and solid state capacitors Expensive Crippled by movie industry. The card is based xonaar the above mentioned AV chip, and is a fully custom design from Asus.

Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe: Asus HTPC sound card does Everything

Why would a sound card cause video problems? Submitted by Devon Cooke on Sat, asjs It does asus xonar hdav via a pair of HDMI 1. Most serious users will probably elect to turn it off on the grounds that less signal processing is generally better. What makes the HDAV1. Up to 8 channel LPCM at 24 bit and KHz is supported, which will likely be the default audio setting asus xonar hdav most computer usage.


The second, ydav perhaps more exciting, is the product we are looking at today.

By ComputerPowerUser on June 12, 80 We know of at asus xonar hdav one other sound card on the verge of release with a protected audio path and software enabling playback: Need help with cooling, PSU and Re: Audio Video Misc Viewing page 1 of 7 asus xonar hdav. Then it began to dawn on me that comprehensive really wasnt a strong enough word Solving the 24P issue requires upgrading the card’s firmware to version 1.

The overall performance of these chips was not bad when encoding, but they were trailing in some of the audiophile qualities that some people desired.